Recycled Robot Challenge

It may officially be spring but it appears winter is not quite ready to leave. Looking for a project to keep the family occupied on these whiplash weather days? Join us as we celebrate National Robotics Week April 6 - 13 by making your own unique robot. This challenge is open to all ages and entries will be displayed at the library with prizes for the most inventive creation. The rules are simple - there aren't any!

Simply, pull some items from the recycling bin or around your home (with permission, of course) and let your imagination soar. Whether it's a pop bottle or a cereal box, simple or complicated, you're sure to have fun designing something of your very own. Did you just empty the recycling bin? No problem. Stop by the library and see what we have to offer. Entries accepted through April 30 and will be displayed during the month of May. 

Lester Public Library of Arpin
Recycled Robot Challenge