Murder Mystery Party

What is a Murder Mystery Party?

A murder mystery party is a party that lasts usually 2-3 hours in which one of the partygoers is secretly playing a murderer, and the other attendees must determine who among them is the criminal. This may involve the "murder" of a guest (in our case, it will) during the game. Murder Mystery Partys usually involve a large amount of role-playing as each guest is assigned a character to become as they deduct who the murderer is and bring them to justice.

Players are usually invited (by the host) to attend the party dressed as, and ready to play the part of, one of the suspects listed in the game scenario. Guests are provided with character backgrounds and confidential information. There are many sub-plots and the goal isn't just to solve the murder. A dinner normally takes place during the party, but the guests are not restricted to sitting around a table and can move around, talking to who they want, when they want. They are given license to interrogate or perform actions or activities with the other guests which will help them solve the case or accomplish their own character's goals. This allows for ad libbing and the ability for a person to take their character in the direction they want to go.

Murder Mystery Party Interest Form

We want to know if you would participate in a Murder Mystery Party if the Arpin Library were to host one. 

Before we begin purchasing the necessary materials and figuring out the party's theme, we need your input to ensure that when the time comes, we have enough people interested in participating. The party would likely be held sometime in Spring 2020. Participation is limited to those ages 17 and up due to certain content.