2019 A-Z Author Reading Challenge

  1. Check out books from the Lester Public Library of Arpin (LPLA) - only books checked out from the LPLA count toward the challenge. Books can be ordered from different libraries, but they must be checked out at Arpin.

  2. The last name of the author is what counts.

  3. The challenge is to read different authors whose last names begin with the letters of the alphabet. For example, you read a book written by David Baldacci. This would fulfill your “B” author requirement. You would record the author’s name and the title of the book on the “B” line.

  4. Completed lists will be entered into prize drawings that may be held throughout the year.

  5. If you complete the entire A-Z list before the end of the year, feel free to start another one to increase your chances in the drawing.

  6. A-Z author listings are due December 31, 2019.

Download the challenge sheet here!