Please check this page this upcoming spring to learn about our 2018 Summer Learning Program!

The 2017 Summer Learning Program is for children, teens, and adults. All participants will receive a BINGO card, which features squares that require the participant to complete a specific task. Tasks include specific activities, challenges, and programs. Completion of the card will be assessed and determine eligibility for incentives and prizes. Bingo cards are altered depending on age group and program (children, teen, or adult).

Registration: Registration forms and guidelines are available at the library starting June 1. Registration can be done online or at the library. Bingo cards are available for pickup at the library starting June 20. Participants must be registered to be eligible for incentives and the picnic at the end of the program. Contact the library with any questions or concerns.

More Information: For schedules, events, and changes, please call or check our Facebook page. Programs may be moved for bad weather, heavy winds, or as requested by the performer to protect their props.

To learn more about the summer learning program, stop by or call the library. Information is also available by email at and on our Facebook page.

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