Peeps Contest

2018 Peeps Diorama Contest
Official Rules & Regulations


Everyone is invited to take part in Lester Public Library of Arpin’s second annual Peep Diorama Contest! Participants are encouraged to create a diorama of Peeps based on a book of their choice. All participants must fill out an entry form that needs to be submitted with their complete diorama. Diorama should be made using a shoebox or another comparable item of reasonable size. Call the library at 715-652-2273 for more information!

  • Create a Scene.
    • Sketch out ideas.
    • Extra credit to those who employ puns in the concept or title.
    • Use the internet for ideas and inspiration!
  • Make your Diorama.
    • Base your diorama off a book title or a scene from a book.
    • All characters must be Peeps and the dirorama must include at least one or more Peeps.
    • Use a shoebox or comparable item of resonable size.
    • Include the title of your diorama on the front of the showbox, and your name on the back. All other contact information should be on a separate entry form.
    • Make your diorama transporatable.
    • Melt, mold, and manipulate chicks and bunnies to bring your vision to life.
  • Submit your Diorama.
    • Submit your diorama and entry form to the library by March 26th.
    • Entries are limited to one per person/group.
    • All ages are encouraged to participate.


  • The Winner will be annouanced Good Friday and receive a fun-filled Easter Basket.
  • Come to the library March 27-29 to vote on dioramas and determine who wins the Peeples Choice Award.